Game List:

Mr. Puffer

My first game. A short, simple platformer with lots of unlockable content.

The Game of Your Dreams

A surreal - and randomized - scrolling shooter. It's different every time you play it.

Wings of Liberty

A more conventional scrolling shooter. You play as a bald eagle during the American Revolution.

Mr. Puffer 2

A much more ambitious platformer. 18 massive levels, 3 playable characters, branching story paths, multiple endings, 50 hidden collectibles, and 30 unlockable mini-games. This game is huge.

Bullet Eater

A scrolling shooter in which bullets heal you. The object of this game is to get hit.

Mr. Puffer's Vacation

A mouse-based platformer. Move and jump with the arrow keys (or WASD) while using the mouse to shoot enemies and manipulate objects.

In Progress:

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