Game List:

Mr. Puffer

My first game. A short, simple platformer with lots of unlockable content.

The Game of Your Dreams

A surreal - and randomized - scrolling shooter. It's different every time you play it.

Wings of Liberty

A more conventional scrolling shooter. You play as a bald eagle during the American Revolution.

Mr. Puffer 2

A much more ambitious platformer. 18 massive levels, 3 playable characters, branching story paths, multiple endings, 50 hidden collectibles, and 30 unlockable mini-games. This game is huge.

Bullet Eater

A scrolling shooter in which bullets heal you. The object of this game is to get hit.

Mr. Puffer's Vacation

A mouse-based platformer. Move and jump with the arrow keys (or WASD) while using the mouse to shoot enemies and manipulate objects.


An "unfinished" Metroidvania platformer that you edit as you play. Place or erase platforms and exploit glitches to make your own path through the game.

In Progress:
  • Mr. Puffer 3
  • Bullet Eater: 2nd Helping

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