Genre: Shooter | Input: Mouse | File size: 3.47 MB | Released: 2013 | Content: Suitable for all ages

Dreams are random, make no sense, and are always changing. So I made a game like that.

This is a scrolling shooter with mouse controls:
  • move your character with the mouse
  • left-click to shoot
  • and if you have a power-up, you can right-click to use Flashbomb. This will kill everything on the screen, at the cost of your power-up.

  • An arcade-style shooter that can't be beaten; You just keep on playing until you lose. It's all about racking up a high score.
  • A large variety of bite-sized levels that are selected at random.
  • Difficulty that increases with your score.
  • Five different power-ups: Spreadshot, Rapid-fire, 4-way Shot, Piercing Shot, and Magnet.

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