Genre: Shooter | Input: Mouse | File size: 9.66 MB | Released: 2018 | Content: Mild depictions of blood

Bullet Eater may look like a typical space shooter, but there's a little twist: Enemies' bullets don't hurt you - they heal you! That doesn't mean it's easy, though. Your health bar is constantly depleting on its own, so you have to keep eating those bullets to stay alive.

This is a scrolling shooter with mouse controls:
  • move your character with the mouse
  • left-click to shoot
  • and right-click to boost. This makes the screen scroll faster, but you'll also lose health faster.

  • The main game has 6 stages. Each stage has a hidden CD you can find, which lets you listen to that stage's music in the main menu.
  • 12 unlockable Time Attack and Score Attack stages.
  • Smooth and colorful vector graphics.
  • Customizable difficulty settings.

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Download Demo (2.87 MB)

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