Genre: Platform | Input: Mouse & Keyboard | File size: 6.96 MB | Released: 2021 | Content: Suitable for all ages

Glitched! is a game that's made to be broken. It's poorly programmed, incompletely designed, and literally unbeatable as it is. To get through this glitchy mess, you'll have to finish designing it yourself.

This game uses the mouse and keyboard simultaneously:
  • to move, use either the Left and Right arrow keys, or A and D
  • press Up or W to jump
  • left-click to place objects
  • right-click to erase objects
  • press the Space bar to pause and look at the map
  • and if you trap yourself, press Enter to restart the current room

  • Fill in missing chunks of level design by using the mouse to place platforms and other objects.
  • Sequence-break by exploiting glitches. Clip through walls, go out of bounds, level-wrap, and more!
  • The main game has a "Metroidvania" structure. The whole thing is one big maze with 240 rooms.

More Features:
  • Find treasure chests to get new types of placeable objects and area maps. There are 20 in all.
  • Super Game Boy style graphics, with a border and a different four-color palette for each area.
  • Extra game modes - Time Trial and Object Trial - each with 10 unique courses based on specific objects.

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Download Demo (2.76 MB)

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