Genre: Platform | Input: Keyboard | File size: 10.2 MB | Released: 2017 | Content: Suitable for all ages

Mr. Puffer is back in an even bigger adventure, with new moves and powers! After his precious Game Man game system runs out of batteries, Mr. Puffer embarks on another epic journey... to get more batteries!

The controls are mostly the same as the first game:
  • use the arrow keys to move
  • press the Space bar to jump
  • if you have a power-up, press C, V, or B to shoot enemies
  • and press N or M to heal yourself at any time (costs 10 tokens per use).

  • There are now 3 different Puff power-ups: Air (the normal shot from the first game), Fire (long-range but slow), and Water (short-range but fast).
  • There are 3 playable characters, each with different abilities: Mr. Puffer can climb walls, Peng can ground pound, and Puffette can glide through the air.
  • Each character has their own story mode, with completely distinct levels designed around their abilities. (Essentially, it's 3 games in 1.)

More Features:
  • Like the first game, some levels have alternate routes. But this time, the alternate routes lead to secret levels, which lead to secret endings.
  • Each level has 1 to 3 hidden Medals you can find (50 in all), which are used to buy Game Man games.
  • Yup, the Game Man games are back. This time, there's a total of 30 Game Man games to collect and play, including 2-player games.

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