Genre: Shooter | Input: Mouse | File size: 6.43 MB | Released: 2015 | Content: Mild depictions of blood

Set during the Revolutionary War, you are an American bald eagle tasked with delivering badly-needed supplies to the Rebels in Valley Forge. Standing in your way are Red Coats, sentient cannons, and a legion of Loyalist woodland creatures. (I never said it was historically accurate...)

This is a scrolling shooter with mouse controls:
  • move your character with the mouse
  • left-click to shoot
  • and right-click to toggle between different powers.

  • There are no power-ups. Instead, you have 4 powers that you can switch between at any time.
  • 6 stages of gameplay, plus extra unlockable game modes.
  • Smooth and colorful vector graphics.
  • A deep scoring system based on chaining attacks: Defeat multiple enemies in a row without changing powers (or getting hit) to multiply the amount of points you receive. Your chain even carries over between stages!

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