Genre: Platform | Input: Mouse & Keyboard | File size: 6.42 MB | Released: 2019 | Content: Suitable for all ages

Mr. Puffer takes a break from traditional platforming to try some mouse gimmicks.
Click, drag, and shoot your way through Pearl Island to find Mr. Puffer's lost luggage.

This game uses the mouse and keyboard simultaneously:
  • to move, use either the Left and Right arrow keys, or A and D
  • to jump, press Up, W, or the right mouse button
  • aim with the mouse
  • and left-click to shoot enemies or interact with objects

  • You can now shoot air puffs at any time, in any direction - no power-ups needed! But this time, shooting costs "Breath", which is also your health.
  • In addition to shooting enemies, you can also use the mouse to manipulate objects. Move platforms closer, move hazards away, activate switches, drag keys into keyholes, and more! Every level has new mouse gimmicks.
  • There are 8 levels to choose from, in no particular order.
  • And as usual, there are 20 Game Man game cartridges to collect and play.

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